Where I’ve been – and a 2008 retrospective

A quiet blog means only two things: the author’s too busy, or the author is doing nothing interesting. I am of the first kind 😉

Since my +/- slice of heaven, I joined and won NaNoWriMo – the novel-writing contest that happens around the world every November. I joined it as a joke, and finished it more because of a bet with my boss than any real creative fuel. (The bet is documented, with a post every week, in the Boomzap blog.) I had loads of fun doing it, and also loads of stress, because I had to juggle work AND my mom being sick.

In December, my mom was hospitalized again, this time in St. Luke’s and for a third operation. It went well, and she’s home now, as is the rest of my family (who flew in from the U.S.) So for the rest of the month I am homebound, catching up on the work I missed while I was in the hospital, and staring dotingly at my nephew (who is, without a doubt, the cutest boy in the whole world).

Looking back at 2008, I realize this has been my biggest year yet. I have, in no particular order, done the following:

The great thing is, at the start of 2008 I _knew_ it was going to be a big year (or a “transition year”, at least), and it turned out I was right. I feel the same way about 2009. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I’m looking forward to big things happening to me – hopefully good things. Hear that, Universe?

Advanced happy new year to everyone, and I hope we all have a great 2009 🙂


7 thoughts on “Where I’ve been – and a 2008 retrospective

  1. Matthew Arcilla says:

    The first thing I thought when I read, “my nephew (who is, without a doubt, the cutest boy in the whole world),” was “NO! MY NEPHEW’S CUTER!!” Ha ha ha ha!

    All kidding aside, congratulations on a great year, Luna.

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