My mom’s medical mystery

As some of you know, my mom was in and out of the hospital last year for a “battle with bile”. My dad, who is a famous writer and from whose shadow I previously tried to shy away, published a series on my mom’s case in his column at the Philippine Star. Whether he is my dad or not, I think he wrote the article series so well that half of the time I was glued to my seat, wanting to know what would happen next (even though I already knew, of course) – and half of the time I was choking up, remembering those dark times in our lives.

He’s just posted the entire series online, here:

If you are my friend, I would appreciate it if you read it.  No amount of text messages I sent last year could capture what was really going on. My dad got it right.

If you are not my friend, but you like medical mysteries and Dr. House and all that stuff, you might enjoy the series, too 😉

In the last article we mentioned the names of the doctors who helped us with the case – I listed four of my friends who tirelessly answered all my medical questions (Frances, Fawie, Mean, and Nolan). As we would never have enough space in the papers for a list of everyone who prayed and helped, here’s my own list! Thank you to Anne, Carla, Zazu, Precy, Paula, and Josella, who all visited in one fell swoop – special mention to Carla, who donated blood in the nick of time. Thank you to Dante, Paul, Rej, Oneal, Joon, and Mikah, for the virtual but constant support and company; to Owel and Tony for visiting me in the hospital; to Kathy, Selena, and the ‘karins for taking me out to 77; and to everyone in my social networks who prayed – you know who you are. Hugs to all!


4 thoughts on “My mom’s medical mystery

  1. Read the whole story. It’s a great one and makes me miss my dad.

    Anyway, it is good to know this problem was finally solved and your mom is better now.

    I am not much of a religious person either but at a point when I was, I heard that prayer is stronger when it is for someone else and not for yourself. This is were the friends come in.

  2. hey luna. i’m sorry, i really don’t know what to say… my mother is going through something similar and I, myself… I really cannot articulate it very well, I guess that is why I’m trying to take care of myself now and its scary…

    i’m thankful my mother is still here and she’s well… and i’m glad your mom is okay too.

    God bless you and your family, Luna..

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