February is a “Whoa!” month

My friends have been calling the month of February all sorts of love-related names, but that correlation slips right past me. For me, February 2009 is a big “Whoa!” month, in the uber-enthusiastic Keanu Reeves as Ted way (not in the impassive Keanu Reeves as Neo way). This is how I’m spending my February:

  • I’ll be mentoring a college student from my alma mater, whose thesis is a video game script. It’s the first time the Communication Arts department have approved such a thing (dammit! why didn’t we have these things while _I_ was there?), and I’m more than happy to help. I already have a list of games for him to study, points to discuss, tools to show… Poor kid, it’s the one topic I can talk for hours about – and I am legally allowed to give him up to 40 hours of it. Mwahahaha!
  • I’m attending the e-Services Global Sourcing Conference on February 9-10 at the SMX Convention Center. Though I won’t be staying the whole time, I will definitely be watching one talk: Chris Avellone’s, from Obsidian Entertainment. I have blogged about him before, and I don’t know why I didn’t shamelessly plug his talk now. He’ll be talking about global trends in game development on February 10. If you don’t know who he is, shame. If you do, you should attend!
  • Then, I’m flying off to Boracay for five glorious days of sun and surf! I haven’t been back to Boracay since… 2001? Travesty, I know – apparently it’s much cooler now than it was when I was in college. And I’d never gone with friends, so this should be good. (Almost all of the people I’m going with are new friends or friends-to-be, so this should be REALLY good. Or at least, really interesting.)

After February, I sadly have nothing planned. I don’t know yet what the rest of my year will be like – but I’m hoping February won’t be the last awesome month for me. Excellent! *air guitar!*


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