10th Anniversary

It’s been 10 years since February 19, 1999, easily the one night that changed my life forever:

Corny, but true – I can trace my entire adult life back to this moment. Voice of Our Youth was the reason I got drafted by a political party at the university (even before the first day of freshman year!), which led to me being in student politics for three years, which landed me a job in game development (originally there were no openings available, but the boss was from the same political party and so he gave me another chance).

If you believe in parallel universes, somewhere out there is a Luna who DIDN’T win that night, or didn’t join at all – I wonder what she’d be doing now. She’s probably not a game developer. Maybe she’d be in law, or in film, or something. And she’s probably afraid of speaking in front of crowds. In any case, I am happy and grateful that life turned out the way it did.

Thanks to Eigen, my crazy genius of a runner-up, for reminding me of our 10th anniversary πŸ˜‰ Cheers!


13 thoughts on “10th Anniversary

  1. When I first told you that this would be our 10th anniversary since that day (which was two years ago…gasp!), you said “Yuck!” Hahaha!

    And finally, somebody other than myself called me a “Crazy Genius”!!! *maniacal laughter*

    Oh yeah. Go into the gory details. Lets see what you remember πŸ˜‰

  2. moongirl says:

    stingeyes, Minaru, quinnzap: Thanks πŸ™‚

    Eigen: Of course you’re a crazy genius! Was there ever any doubt? πŸ˜› And I don’t remember saying yuck!!! But it’s true, isn’t it? YUCK! Hahahaha

    Well, I remember the opening line of your speech: “You know what Bill Gates and President Estrada are? Lucky.” Something like that.

    I also remember a certain banana incident. (But only because you reminded me!)

  3. wow! a nostalgic shot of Ms. ________________ _______________ ________________ Cruz….. Are you with the same party of my bestfriend? you know who im talking about ^_^ hehehehe!


  4. PS3Fanboy says:

    HAha Santugon.

    Oh and by the way. Just to inspire you, you look slim on your teen era. Gotta start doing weightlifting and your yoga soon. πŸ˜‰

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