A little more on game writing, and GDC envy

There’s a short and sweet article on Gamasutra today entitled “Game Writing From The Inside Out”. Written by two female game writers (Marianne Krawczyk and Susan O’Connor, of God of War / Gears of War respectively), it poses some suggestions about structure – such as making the hero NOT the real protagonist of the story, or giving him conflicting needs and desires. (Things that go against the Syd Field paradigm, I might add – in that world, the main character is ALWAYS the protagonist.)

I was wrestling with game story structure all of last weekend, so little idea discussions like these make me happy. I wouldn’t mind paying my way to sit down and listen to more of them. So if the writing sessions at the Austin Game Developers Conference are going to be more of this – game writers in a room wrestling with ideas – I’m so there.

Also, everyone is scrambling to prepare for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week… except me. People have been sending me the obligatory “Are you at GDC? Let’s meet” e-mails, but my favorite was Gabby’s completely nonchalant comment: “Let’s set up a meeting with so-and-so at GDC… oh wait, you’re not going”. Sad. I, too, had gotten used to my yearly GDC fix, including the little botique hotel in San Francisco that I always stayed in, which happens to be on the same street as Rasputin, H&M, and Urban Outfitters. (Really, all they have to do is put a Muji on that street, and I could live there for good.)

I am sincerely hoping Austin GDC in September will be just as good (or if not, just as useful). In the meantime, all of next week I will close my eyes and think of happy thoughts, while my feed reader tells me about all the fun I’m missing.


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