I would drive this black cab for free

My Plurk friend Faye pointed me to the Black Cab Sessions website. Its concept: an artist or band gets into the back of a black cab and then performs a song as they drive around London, with a cameraperson recording everything. It is fantastic. Everything is done in one take, mistakes or none; and when the song is over, they leave the cab and that’s it.

I’ve been watching the videos one by one and am nowhere near done, but already I’ve found gems of performances (I keep shoving URLs into my friends’ hands!). So far, here are my favorites:

  • Death Cab For Cutie – The first video I saw, of course – Ben Gibbard and Chris Walla played “No Sunlight” like nobody’s business.
  • The Miserable Rich – The site’s first video from SXSW, and I can’t help but share this vid with everyone because they crammed a cello, violin, mandolin, and guitar in the back of the cab.
  • Slow Club – Yesterday’s musical discovery – indie pop from London! “It’s brutal! It’s brutal! Where have you been?”
  • The Walkmen – There is some awesome whistling going on. I don’t know why the camera got so close to the vocalist’s face, though – not that I’m complaining, as he’s kind of cute, but it just seems a bit uncomfortable.
  • Ryan Adams – It’s the back story that got me with this one: it turns out that Adams has motion sickness, so the cab driver was instructed to drive in a straight line. Adams sang through the nausea – brilliant.
  • Badly Drawn Boy – Because he looks like he belonged exactly where he was, strumming his acoustic guitar in the back of a black cab.

In truth, I could copy/paste 10 more videos here and still feel limited; I am enjoying everything I’m seeing, even if the music isn’t particularly my style. As I’m typing this, I just viewed Stricken City‘s rockin’ song and Amanda Palmer‘s cover of “Creep”, and liked them immensely. Okay, I’m just cheating now. I’ll stop listing.

Head on over to the Black Cab Sessions site and enjoy the great music πŸ˜‰


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