Riki and the cat

I have only blogged about my friend Riki Sunico once twice – here and here, both posted the day after he passed away two years ago.

We had a memorial picnic for him last weekend. Here’s the short blurb I posted on Flickr, dotted with pics (storybook style).

Reitch organized a lovely little picnic for our friend Riki Sunico, who passed away last April 18, 2007.


It was attended by a small group of friends…


…and one stray kitten.

I’d taken numerous pictures of the kitten, wondering why it kept posing for my camera all the time –


– until we realized it wasn’t. The kitten was blind.

(I have more pics in my Riki and the cat set on Flickr. I think I fell in love with it that day, but sadly I couldn’t take it home. Hey, Riki – watch over the kitty for me, will you?)

Me and the kitty


4 thoughts on “Riki and the cat

  1. Renz says:

    Poor kitty. I have a soft mushy spot for kitties because I used to beat them up when I was a kid and now I realized that they’re too cute to be beaten up. Awww.

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