Paraluman dies


Legendary Filipino film actress Paraluman passed away yesterday. I wasn’t actually named after her – we just happened to share the same unique name, and she just happened to be very famous – but the old-school folk always asked me about her, and spoke of her beauty and fame. The new-school folk (i.e. kids) thought I was named after the woman in the Eraserheads song “Ang Huling El Bimbo“, which came out in 1995 – seriously, kids, think about the time frame for a second.

Sadly, I have never seen any of her films. If anyone knows how I can get copies of them, please tell me.


7 thoughts on “Paraluman dies

  1. Shey says:

    Yeah, I saw from the news last night and remembered you. For a moment there, I thought you were named after her. My mom and dad said she was very beautiful in her youth 🙂

  2. Paraluman has always struck me as a nice name, even before I met you. I think hearing about that actress as a kid was the first time I encountered it.

    May she rest in peace. And I’ll ask around about finding her old films; I’m sure they must be archived somewhere.

  3. PS3Fanboy says:

    Pretty. Rest in peace. Oi kahit papano alam ko na si Paraluman ay isang artista nung dekada forgotten at hindi childhood sweetheart ni Ely Buendia. hahahah

  4. moongirl says:

    Shey: Heck, _I_ thought I was named after her – apparently not 😛

    Dante: Yes, please!

    PS3Fanboy: Hahaha, matalino ka eh 😉

  5. Hi, One of Paraluman’s famous film Was “Mutya ng Pasig”, some time Late 50’s~Early 60″s. I knew for a fact that most of the original Phil-films are kept in the “National Library of Congress” in the United States (don’t ask me WHY) but if you do want to research on it you can ask Miss Charrie Dino (hope i spelled her name Right!) she used to be a proffesor (I think she still IS!) at the College of St. Paul, in Quezon City. Back in the early 80’s she did a Thorough study on Phil-Films, then under LVN & Sampaguta pictures… She would Know, If I remember correctly, it was her Thesis in Mass-Com. at UP Diliman during our time. Another resource would be her Friend,
    and BRO. (ALPHA PHI OMEGA – UP)… ReyNorbert “OBET” Supan, …a former engineering Prof. in Mapua Institute of Technology!…Happy Hunting!!!

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