Archie (and today’s major memory fail)

A conversation with Joon, about the disappointing news that Archie chooses to marry Veronica:

Joon: I dunno, for some reason I always thought people would prefer Betty. Like it’s really an obvious thing to me.

Me: But he chose Veronica! It sucks. Were we in grade school then? Or I was in grade school, you were in high school? When I was in grade school, I had no idea that Veronica was “bad”, only that she was the popular pretty one, and Betty was smart and awkward, and I liked Betty. But she never won.

Joon: Maybe this is the equivalent to the death of Superman or Batman or Captain America.

Me: Captain America’s dead?

Joon: Yes! Since last year!

Me: Aww, poor him. He’s the one with the flying shield right? “Captain America and his flying shieeeeeld.” Or was it mighty? Mighty shield?

Joon: Wow, you are one clueless lass if you still need to describe that he has a shield. And yes, it’s mighty shield.

Me: I’m so gonna blog this conversation.

Joon: I plurked it.

Joon’s plurk:

“When Captain America throws his flying shield…” -Luna



9 thoughts on “Archie (and today’s major memory fail)

  1. So is Aqua Man. So sad.

    Haha, I’m still kinda shocked about who Archie picked, but then again I remember that season where Meredith Grey had to choose between Dr. McDreamy and Dr. Vet, who were like Veronica and Betty respectively.

    I guess people just want their life to be exciting or complicated..or we’d get bored.

    Well, some martyrs anyway, or some who want to live life.

  2. moongirl says:

    RC: No point, now that he’s dead. Hahaha.

    Minaru: Aquaman’s dead?!? Goddammit!

    And I know the ep you’re referring to – broke my heart. McVet was the right choice, but nobody goes for the right choice, do they? 😉

  3. Hehe. Sometimes you need to experience all the wrong guys before you meet Mr. Right.

    Or take lots of alcohol to see Mr. Right. XD. I kid on the last statement

  4. The question is… why would anyone want to end up with Archie anyway? Freckled redhead that can’t make up his mind about women? C’mon! Let’s all go for the geek instead: Dilton. LOL.

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