Kids these days

Dad came home yesterday with this story from his Speculative Fiction class (lit majors, in their junior year).

A student was in front, assigned to report about the film The Matrix.

Reporter (asking class): “How many of you have seen The Matrix?

(Two students in class raise their hands.)

Reporter: “How old were you when you saw it?”

Two students: “9 years old.”

Reporter: “Did you understand it?”

Two students: “No.”

Reporter: “Neither did I.”

It is a pity that our future leaders have never seen one of the defining films of my generation. Then again, that’s probably what our parents say about us, too.

(Incidentally, I am a huge fan of The Matrix, and we even made a fan film for it, which I just found online now. There was also cosplaying involved, and some sort of swordfighting, though thankfully there are no records of those.)


6 thoughts on “Kids these days

  1. This is actually quite disturbing. 10 years is not that long ago. Plus with the ease of getting copies of a movie these days (even just the legal ways), I am just really surprised.

  2. moongirl says:

    Simon: Yes! But when we were 9, did we watch current films, too? I sure as hell didn’t, unless they were Disney cartoons. I remember watching The Empire Strikes Back over and over when I was little, but I only fully appreciated the meaning when I was older.

    • PS3Fanboy says:

      Hah! my attention span is longer, I fell asleep on empire strikes back while watching it on a marathon run! 😀

      This is Renz btw. 😀

  3. I agree. I think I only watched Back To The Future III, Ghostbusters 2, and Batman back when I was around that age. But when you get older, not giving a chance to watch some of the great movies is almost a crime.

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