Happy birthday, Joon Guillen

I have written enough sap about my best friend to pierce his cold and composed heart, so I’m not even going to bother trying again. Instead, here are pictures. (Click on links below for individual photos.)

Joon Mosaic

1. Mr. JiL – Joon (and Snowy), 2. Me and Joon, 3. Dreams Systems shoot – The DP, 4. Fartass, circa 2002, 5. Joon and Statue, 6. Joon, 7. Joon, 8. Glum, 9. Me and Joon

Happy birthday, assfart! I miss you! Come back to Manila already!


One thought on “Happy birthday, Joon Guillen

  1. PS3Fanboy says:

    I was about to say what the heck are other farts beside assfart. Then my bastos senses came in. Anyway, happy birthday to Jun. 😀

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