Video Games and the Female Audience

Saw this on Sexy Videogameland, and the video is absolutely true. I don’t discuss games with my female friends, at all. While some of them do play casual games, we don’t sit around and discuss farm sim strategies. But I have, on numerous occasions, borrowed consoles / swapped games / argued over Call of Duty tactics with my male friends, all of whom are hardcore gamers.

It’s a wonder girls want to hang out with me at all. Hmm, come to think of it, that’s probably why they don’t.

In other news, it’s exactly two months before I fly off – I am unprepared. Don’t panic. Press big button.


2 thoughts on “Video Games and the Female Audience

  1. The video is brilliant, as is Daniel Floyd’s rhetoric. I agree with most everything he says, and it’s really only a matter of time before the sea change that everyone is waiting for happens. Gaming may still indeed feel like a boy’s club, but then the same can be said for fashion being more of a women’s (and gay men’s) realm.

    I think the demarcations of “boy games” and “girl games” will persist, but fortunately gaming is already at a point where the core concept exists in a gender-neutral sense, the same way that general fashion is age/gender-neutral even though there are specific lines for specific genders and styles.

    Two months! Go go go!

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