A mild state of panic

My current life is a series of short vignettes. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


I’ve been teaching game design again – a great batch of students, ridiculously smart. I showed them Firefly last week as an example of good writing, and tomorrow we are going to play some PS2 games all day. Sometimes I think I am enjoying this class more than they are.

I can now say that I am working on an adventure game. I used to be really sucky at adventure games (I’m looking at you, The Longest Journey), so the fact that I get to design and write one is so unexpected it’s almost funny. And I am enjoying it tremendously, which is awesome.

I met up with my new band last night. After a string of failed bands, I was unsure if I would join one again – but every person in this band is a musician I deeply respect and admire, and I’d be stupid not to join it.

Happy hat

I have semi-moved out – the previous tenant ended his contract earlier than expected, so I’ve been staying a few nights a week at my new pad. There’s a bunch of stuff that need to be done: get a new stove, repair the lights, change the bathroom fixtures, etc. There’s no cable TV and no Internet, so I just sleep there, or work offline, and then spend the day working from a nearby Coffee Bean.

I have also given up coffee. The most I have is one or two cups a week, and only if I have a good reason. Otherwise, I have mostly been drinking non-caffeinated tea. (WTF?)

Lastly, I am leaving for the U.S. in a month. I’ve booked PAX and the IGDA Leadership Forum, have yet to book Austin GDC, and should decide which hotels and domestic flights to get, soon. I am all sorts of nervous.

Stress, technically, is when your body goes into a state of emergency response – useful for life-threatening situations or publisher milestones. I am currently in a permanent state of positive stress, a mild state of panic – all the time. So many things to do, coupled with numerous things to look forward to. When I’m on the plane, I will relax. I promise.


8 thoughts on “A mild state of panic

  1. Wow, all sorts of very exciting stuff.

    Despite the stress, it does seem you are having a tremendously good time.

    Just do try to relax and slow down a bit if you have the chance.

  2. Nothing like a hectic life to jumpstart the nerves, yes? :p

    As far as busy lives go, though, yours is playing out in a very positive set of ways. I’m glad you’re weathering this storm of good changes (current and upcoming) in a productive way that you feel good about.

    You’ll do great, both now and in the future. That, I’m sure of. 🙂

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