IGDA Kucha (and my ridiculously fast presentation)

We (the IGDA Manila board) had our first IGDA Kucha night yesterday. We followed the pecha kucha format: a super-fast Powerpoint presentation, with 20 slides timed for 20 seconds each. None of us had done it before, and we got about 30+ game developers in a room on a Saturday night listening to us rush through slides.

More accurately, _I_ rushed through slides – my talk was exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds, and I was out of breath most of the time. I was terribly not used to the speed!

Here’s the direct link to my huffing and puffing video: “Working from home: the honest truth”. You can view the slideshow online, and watch the rest of IGDA Manila’s videos here.

UPDATE: SlideShare sent me an e-mail saying their editorial team picked my presentation to feature on their homepage today, among others. Awesome! Thanks, SlideShare!


9 thoughts on “IGDA Kucha (and my ridiculously fast presentation)

  1. You should have more of these nights! I think it’s an excellent way to share ideas across large groups of people very quickly. It keeps presentations salient and fluff-free. 🙂

    If I were aware of this kind of presentation method back when I was teaching, I’d gladly have implemented it time and again in my classes. It’s a great way to force the presenters to really distill the core ideas from what they need to talk about, and that in turn facilitates the learning process for them.

  2. moongirl says:

    Dante: I totally want to – I hope these Kucha nights become a regular thing.

    I’m actually wishing that IGDA San Francisco will have one of these while I’m there – I want to see how the professionals do it 😀

  3. Balls!

    Love the presentation. It was quite good and really showed the pro’s and con’s about working at home and the obvious misconceptions.

    And there wasn’t much huffing and puffing although, you talked real fast.

  4. Wasn’t IGDA Kucha Night your idea? I’m sure you can make it happen regularly. 🙂 Twice a month! Muhahahaha

    If they aren’t already planning on doing it in SF, maybe you can email your friends there ahead and suggest it! 😀

  5. moongirl says:

    No no, it was Ryan’s idea. And I think we’re having one when I get back 🙂

    And yeah, when I have my affairs in order, I’ll e-mail my friend in SF and ask if I can crash one of their meetings ;D


    We’re doing one when you get back. Make sure to take pictures of your adventures in a 1st world country.

  7. moongirl says:

    Sure. I’m trying to crash some IGDA events. That’ll be fun.

    I will also make sure to take down notes in the spiffy new IGDA-mandated journal you gave me 😛

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