Dad’s zarzuela: “Baler sa Puso Ko”

Thought I’d give a quick shout out: my dad‘s zarzuela, “Baler Sa Puso Ko”, is premiering tomorrow (August 12) at the Baler Sports Complex. It’s directed by Frank Rivera and the music is by Lutgardo Labad. It’s speculative theater, it’s a musical, it’s got mythological creatures interfering with humanity – what more could you ask for?

Here’s more information on the play, with some quotes from my dad:

Baler 400 : “Baler sa Puso Ko” Zarzuela on August 12-15 at Baler Sports Complex

Baler is in Aurora, about 230 kilometers (5-8 hours) from Manila. I wish I could go myself, but I’ll have to wait for the Manila run, which I will also announce here when the time comes. Note, friends, that I will be dragging you all to see it.

On a personal note, I knew my dad was writing a zarzuela, mainly because of the loud recorded music and singing blasting out from his room in the mornings. He would fret about the lyrics (which he wrote in rhyme, of course) to us over lunch. Now that it’s done and almost out, I am proud of him.


5 thoughts on “Dad’s zarzuela: “Baler sa Puso Ko”

  1. Jay Jay says:

    Yep.. Unfortunately they are all here in Manila working and studying.. But the rest of the family still there..

    Cge cge will tell them!

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