Call for donations – Winton Ynion’s wake

I’m an Ayala Young Leader. This matters.


The Ayala Young Leaders Alliance (AYLA) and AYLC Secretariat would like to appeal for help regarding the death of our fellow Ayala Young Leader, Winton Ynion (AYLC 2000 Alumnus) who was found dead this morning in his apartment. Winton has no relatives taking charge of the internment or at least a mass for him.

UPDATE: The remains of Winton Ynion will be at Charity Chapel, St. John Bosco parish, Makati City (beside Walter Mart, Makati). We are in need of food (sandwiches, juice, cup cakes, etc), volunteers, prayer leaders and donors).

For monetary assistance, you can drop by at AYLC Secretariat, 10th floor, BPI Main Building cor Paseo de Roxas, Ayala Makati or deposit at (information withheld – please let me know if you want the account number).

For volunteers please get in touch with Ms. Steffi R. Borromeo (AYLC 2007) – 09275326150 or 752 1065.

Here is the news article on Winton’s death:

Man killed in QC condo in possible robbery

And a brief, dated bio on Winton (which I found online):

Winton Lou Ynion, 19, graduated cum laude from West Visayas State University and was heralded as its most outstanding graduate for the year. He was a U.P. National Writers’ Workshop Fellow for Filipino Poetry in  1999. He has published his stories in FilMag and in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and  is currently pursuing his M.A. in Filipino.

No, I never met him (he’s a batch higher than me at AYL), but the truth is, I don’t have to in order to help. Anyone can spare a bit of money. Really. We are trying to raise enough money to give him a proper wake and burial. He has no family to do this for him. If you’d like to help, please let me know privately and I’ll give you the account details. Thank you.

UPDATE (8/18): They flew in the foster family last night from Iloilo, but the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance is still taking care of the wake/funeral arrangements, and still need financial support. It was nice to see AYL in full force last night. The wake is until Wednesday at the Charity Chapel beside Don Bosco, Makati.

MORE: For those asking about services: There are necrological services today (Tuesday, Aug. 18) at 7pm, and a mass at 9pm. The cremation is tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday).

And for those asking about the family – the niece of Winton’s foster family is now here in Manila. The ashes will be brought home to Iloilo, to be given to the rest of the family. (They are still fixing the travel papers, though.)

LAST: I’ve written a new post as a final update on Winton.


31 thoughts on “Call for donations – Winton Ynion’s wake

  1. This is indeed very sad and another big loss

    Though, I personally do not have the resource to contribute. I am seeking help from other young people and professionals as well for your contribution. Winton is ahead of me at WVSU and we have in a little time being together for a small chat during my days at the University Student Council. I vouch of his goodness and talents.

    I pray and commune with the Great spirit for his unification to the greatness of the Univers.

    God bless.


  2. govz says:


    maraming salamat … sobrang nalungkot ako …
    anyways, i cant assist physically but …
    I am willing to pledge some amount for winton’s funeral …
    Is somebody kind enough to setup an account somewhere, para makapag-fund transfer na lang kaming nasa ibang bansa?

    maraming salamat po … thanks luna … we owe you big time …

  3. moongirl says:

    Hi Rage,

    Yes – they flew in the foster family last night. AYLA is still taking care of the wake/funeral arrangements.

  4. Rage says:

    Thanks Luna, WInton was relatively a neighbor, we went to the same Highschool as well. Please keep us posted of the funeral plans. Thank you again!

  5. moongirl says:

    Hi JohnPierre,

    Your comment went to the Spam folder; I only noticed it now. Apologies for the delay 😦

    Thank you for the help and the kind words. I’ll post updates here when I have them.

  6. Edwin Ryan says:

    Hello, I would like to ask if there is any update regarding the family.. we have been making a lot of researches (I mean together with my AYLC batchmate). We received a text that the family members do not want to take responsibility of the wake — which really breaks our hearts..

    he is indeed a talented man. We came across an article that speculates that he was killed by a serial killer. I don’t know if it’s worth sharing but here is goes anyway.

    please keep posting some updates 😦

    AYLC 08

  7. Alfredo S. Ty, Jr says:

    Hi i am a student of prof. Winton Ynion in the University of the East manila. He was my prof on the subject World Literature. Our class is sadden in the bad new that we just learned last monday. One of the student was told by a faculty member of the college of arts and science what had happen. We were all shock on the event. Some of my classmate who were close to porf winton cried and in fact i had a teary eyes that day. It was a complete shock to all. Before the news, we were all wondering why prof. winton was not coming to class because he did not have the habit of being late and having no absences. In fact we tried to contact him last week on wednesday that was the time of our class. Our class was from 5 to 6 pm monday to friday, the same week friday he did not come to class too. And one of prof told me that he last saw prf winton on tuesday at the faculty office and even the chairman of their department was worried for he did not report anymore. We hope that this case be solve as soon as possible for the soul of our dear prof. winton ynion. May ur soul find peace in this brutal crimes done to you. Good bye sir, we are going to miss u specially me and ann whom u talk to after our class every meeting. Thank you also for sharing your knowledge with us.

  8. moongirl says:


    I just got an update from AYLA, I posted it above. I also forwarded the link you gave to a friend of mine who’s trying to figure out what happened. Whoever did this to Winton, I hope they catch him 😐


    I’ll forward your kind words to AYLA. If you or your classmates would like to attend the services or the wake, I just posted an update above. Thanks.

  9. thanx for this luna. winton was my co-fellow sa davao / UP nat’l writers in 1999. RIP winton. will hand in something for an apt send off for winton. BPI account ba yung sa donations?

  10. Sherryl Ynion Fabriquer says:

    Winton Lou is my cousin, I heard about the news from our other cousins. We are far from the Philippines but we will relay the message to all our clan. Thank you very much for your support to our cousin.

    • Luzel says:

      Hi am the closest relative of Winton’s foster family in Iloilo. I’m in middle east right now and i was shock when my sister told me that our foster cousin “Noynoy” (that how we called Winton in Iloilo) was found dead on his apartment in Manila..

      Since that day the i’ve heard that bad news im trying to search any relevance with the case of my “foster brother-cousin”.

      just to make this short..i would like to ask if his TRUE BLOOD FAMILY also assisted his wake?

      i know why Winton struggle in life. what he wants only is happiness in this world..but why there are such people like to ruin anyone’s life??????

  11. Majella Ynion Gallo-Valencia says:

    Hi moongirl, i’m Winton’s cousin..we were saddened by the news of his passing away. Just got the news from Sherryl. We are currently not residing in the Philippines, and to be there in his wake would be impossible.

    Can you please provide me with an update of when are you going to send his remains to Iloilo city so that i could inform my relatives there and extend our help.

    In behalf of the Ynion family, our sincere gratitude to AYLA who had given their time and effort for Winton and to make his burial possible without our presence.

    Thank You…

  12. moongirl says:

    Hi Luzel and Majella,

    I forwarded your questions to AYLA; here’s what they said:

    “The biological father visited during the wake and partly helped with the funeral expenses. AYLC was able to have the adoptive and biological mother come to the wake of Winton. The remains will be at Iloilo by tomorrow evening, August 21. We don’t know yet what will happen in Iloilo. I’ll forward to you the contact number of Winton’s nephew maybe later. The nephew will be the best person to contact once the remains is already in Iloilo.”

    I hope this helps.

    • Luzel says:

      I’m very glad that his biological father visited him on his wake…even if it is late already…

      Who every the REAL relatives of Winton aka Noynoy that keeps on reading on this blog of MOONGIRL..I hope you will keep coordinating with my Aunt who raised him since birth….

      Winton is a good guy…a good friend…a reliable brother…it is really hard to accept that we lost a person who is closed to our heart and we already consider him as our REAL family…

      Thank you all guys for helping him….

    • Majella Ynion Gallo-Valencia says:

      Great…Thank you very much for the info..My family in Iloilo will take it from there..


  13. Maria Lourdes Ledesma Ladrido says:

    Hi, Luna/Moongirl!

    I was Winton’s teacher at UP High School in Iloilo. The news we got last Monday was a shock.

    Winton’s remains will be arriving in Iloilo tonight and will be brought to the Molo Church mortuary. There’ll be mass for him tomorrow evening.

    Btw, I was your mom Medy’s college classmate and I’m your dad’s Facebook and UpscaLoop friend.

    Thank you.

    Bopeep Ledesma Ladrido
    UP High School in Iloilo
    UP Visayas
    Iloilo City

  14. Sharon Rose G. de la Cruz says:

    Dear Moongirl,

    Hi. I’m Winton’s classmate in high school. It was the greatest shock of my life when i found out about what happened to Winton. We, his classmates and friends here in Iloilo would like to thank AYLC for everything that you did for Winton’s wake. Just like you we also asked, i mean, begged, for donations here because we wanted to give him the best wake to send him off to the next life. You know God is really good. He gave us everything we needed just when we needed it. We were able to successfully hold 2 nights of wake for prayer and 1 mass at the mortuary plus funeral rites at Sta. Maria Parish then we buried his urn at St. Clement’s columbarium. All these were possible because of each and every person who gave their help be it in their physical presence or monetary help. I know that Winton is happy with our Creator now.


    P. S. i’d want to ask you some important things because we are helping Winton’s surrogate mother and niece get over his loss. Can you please email me at Thanks.

  15. Darleen Joy Jimenea says:

    Winton was one of my faculty during his brief but disturbing stay in AMA Iloilo. He was very brutal and hardly tactful in choosing his words. He never left any good impression to his students except for the fact that he was hilarious… I mean even without his knowing. He was such a big joke! He would wish half of his class to fail and would delight if it did happen. He had an ego the size of Big Ben, and he would even be caught saying that he is excellent with the english language and that he can speak ala Brit. What a joke indeed!

    I don’t know how he spent his last days but if it was anything like he showed to us here in Iloilo then it’s quite a shame that he did. He was undoubtedly brilliant but what’s the use of it if you are not a jem but a dud. “Sayang sayang sayang at walang kwenta buhay nya.”

    This could be a lesson to all of those who think they hold he world in their palms.

  16. Hi there Ms Darleen Joy Jimenea,

    What a nerve you’ve got to say bad things about the late Winton. For sure if he was not tactful and did not leave a good impression to your most Prestigious and Excellent University in AMA where you probably is the pathetic chair or something, I am very certain that it is because YOU, being the head does not even know what metaphor is, and worst does NOT even KNOW what hyprreality is all about. So, PLEASE, while you are still waiting for your own murderer, STOP saying things which are actually reflections of WHO YOU ARE! You better read Jose Saramago, Orhan Pamuk, Wislava Szymborska to mention a few, so that you will be deserving of the title ” academic”? Now, start reading or better yet look for a tutor! (If you can afford!) Capito?

    • Ms. Darlene!!! says:

      Seriously? METHAPHOR, HYPERREALITY? Damn, how pathetic of you to pull words out off the dictionary just to prove you can actually read. But reading is not comprehension sweetheart. Do get me a list of authors of book you barely even touch. If you are anything like Ynion, you are crap!

  17. Kay Mohman says:


    I was Winton’s writing workshop instructor in 2008 when he was on the ASEAN Scholars fellowship at the Asia Research Institute in Singapore. He was a bright light and an insipiring presence, and the news of his death came as a terrible loss.

    Although this offer is late, I would like to make a contribution to the AYLC Secretariat to help cover the cost of the wake and funeral arrangements, if that is still possible. If so, why don’t we communicate by email. I can send the contribution by Western Union.

    In recognition of our common loss, I also share my condolences with everyone whose lives he touched.

    Regards from Dr. Kay

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