T-4 Days

Firefly (bigger cast photo)

Similar to July, the month of August has been a flurry of activity! (But flurri-er.)

  • My blog is suddenly extremely popular in Iloilo. One blog post made me an online correspondent overnight. It is a strange and humbling feeling.
  • I dressed up as Kaywinnit Lee Frye from Firefly, and tricked all my other friends to dress up as well. Laugh all you want, but it was helluva fun!
  • I finished my game design class early, and had to forcibly stop two groups of students arguing on GDD presentation day. I swear, it could have ended in a fistfight. “Your game is too easy to make – anybody could do it!” “Well, I don’t see why yours is so special!”
  • I filed my taxes as an individual (aka not through a company), since I’m a virtual office worker. I’ve been meaning to write a tutorial on how to do it, because apparently nobody knows. It’s a pain in the– yeah.
  • I watched Pixar’s Up. I sobbed through most of it, and cheered loudly when Ronnie del Carmen‘s name came out in the credits. Amazing job, again, Ronnie!
  • I read Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon, which soared its way into my top 5 books of all time. It is fan-tas-tic. My first hardboiled SF book. And also the first SF book to make me cry. Hahaha! What a sap.
  • Lastly, I’m speaking at the IGDA Leadership Forum in San Francisco, in November. They’ve put my name and pic up on their speakers page. This fills me with great terror.

I have four days left to finish all my errands before I fly. Wish me luck!


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