Seattle: Bumbershoot 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I started my Seattle Sunday with a series of unfortunate events, including: breaking into my own luggage because I accidentally changed the combination; standing in line for an hour in the rain; running around the Seattle Center to find a way around the (closed) entrance to the Monorail; almost missing lunch with friends at PAX because of all of that; and then running back to the Seattle Center to make a 2:30 pm performance.

Because, really, the whole point of my Sunday was to watch the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Bumbershoot 2009.

I’ve been a fan of YYY since “Maps”, which remains one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time; we used to cover that in a previous band, and it is my Rock Band vocal track of choice! I wasn’t a fan of some of their older, more abrasive songs, but I loved their newer dance tunes. So when I heard they were playing while I was in Seattle, I couldn’t miss the chance. Unfortunate events or not!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah Yeah Yeahs

YYY did a 15-song set, mixing slow art-rock tunes with dance-y punk. I had a good spot (dead center, on the floor, in front of the sound booth) but for some reason, the crowd in that area was extremely dull. Only three of us were dancing! I mean, have you _heard_ “Heads Will Roll”? How can you hear that live (or even recorded) and not shake your booty?

By the end of it, I was rocking out completely (as much as I could with a handbag, in the rain; I wish I’d brought less!) and it was extremely satisfying. The band had always been performers, Karen O especially, and she didn’t let the dullness of the non-mosh-pit crowd stop her from jumping and shaking and waving like crazy.

They did perform “Maps”, but acoustic, which kind of disappointed me (it’s the guitar play and effects that I like) – but dancing to “Heads Will Roll” and “Y Control” more than made up for it.

Oh my God, I'm watching the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Romance U.S.E.

Bumbershoot itself was a three-day festival, with 20 venues and a huge number of artists, some of which I also caught (U.S.E. and Romance, in particular, rocked). I’d have explored more if I weren’t so damn tired. But I had loads of fun – and the chance to dance to YYY live == fifty dollars and a stressed morning well spent.

Next on the adventure: Austin!


3 thoughts on “Seattle: Bumbershoot 2009

  1. Peculiar morning notwithstanding, being at the gig like that does sound like you had great fun! 🙂

    I think the last time I attended any sort of daylight musical event was when we went to this year’s Fete de la Musique. Extended music festivals are joy!

  2. ACK! YYY’s! Awesome. I’ve seen their performance at Glasto this year on the telly and it was great. I’m excited to see them in November.

    You always seem to see these bands first before me, ie, Bloc Party and now YYY’s. :p

    I still haven’t been to a festival though, come over here so we can go together. lol.

    Continue to enjoy your wicked time there in the US.

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