An existential moment

Just a quick note to say I’m at GDC Austin, having an existential moment. I was sitting there in a room full of game writers, and people were asking them questions like: “Should I go take an MFA to be a better game writer?” or “How do I get hired as a freelance game writer?”

And I realized, with an actual physical jolt, that two years ago I was one of those people asking the exact same questions.

I got the same answers back then – go and write, go get experience, it’s better to actually write a game than talk/research/study about it, etc. I was all set to take an MFA before I’d asked. As luck would have it, I never got to study – because I got hired soon afterward.

All through the day, I found myself relating to a lot of the comments and examples raised, thinking, “Oh, that totally happens in the casual games industry”, or, “Oh, I’ve had half of my story chopped out , too; I know what _that’s_ like.” So, two years later, I am writing/designing my own game – how cool is that? I’m really not sure how I got here, but I am damn happy.

(I also got a lot of producer jokes today, which I took in stride. I will probably get designer jokes in November.)

I’ll write a proper GDC Austin entry later – I need to get some scripting work done, and check the builds, before heading off to drink with other writers. Life is good.


2 thoughts on “An existential moment

  1. It really is interesting to see how life’s cycles go, and to see iterations of your past self and your past actions in other people. There’s every chance too that there are people around us who look at us, see what we’re doing, and think to themselves: “Hey, there was a time.”

    Have a good time with the GDC folk!

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