Book reviews through chance encounters

In Jo’s Coffee, Austin, TX
Reading William Gibson’s Spook Country

A man came up to me and said, “How do you like the book?”

“It’s all right,” I said. “I’m not done yet. I really liked Neuromancer; this one is just okay.”

“Everyone likes Neuromancer,” he replied. “I’ve found that I’ve liked every new book of his half as much as the previous one. What was the one before this?”

Pattern Recognition?”

“Yeah, I didn’t really like that one.”

He left.


In Peet’s Coffee, Redwood City, CA
Reading Richard Morgan’s Broken Angels

“Excuse me,” said a man who walked up to my table. “But you’re the first person I’ve ever seen reading one of his books.”

“Really?” I said. “I just started this, just now, here. Have you read the first one, Altered Carbon?”

“Oh, I’ve read them all!” he said. “Including Market Forces.”

“I really loved Altered Carbon. That one was so exciting! This one seems pretty slow, though.”

“It takes a while,” he assured me. “Anyway, it’s nice to meet someone else who’s reading him.”

He left.

It looks like I need to choose my third book very carefully.


9 thoughts on “Book reviews through chance encounters

  1. moongirl says:

    Hmmm. Him or Neal Stephenson next?

    I know – but I think it’s the small talk culture, which we don’t really have. I wonder what reaction I’d get if I sat in a coffee shop reading Twilight.

  2. fartass says:

    Your next coffee will be ladened with barista piss. 😛

    i also plan to read stephenson, but his books are 1000 pages long and very hard to read! except for Snow Crash, I guess.

    Iain M. Banks – you can never go wrong 😉

  3. moongirl says:

    LOL – that’s the only reason I didn’t buy Cryptonomikon for the trip. It was _heavy_.

    All right, all right! Which book should I go for first? I’ll go invade Barnes and Noble!

  4. Siyempre ngayon ko lang ‘to nakita. Neal Stephenson rocks! I finished Snow Crash pretty quickly, and after four months, I’m nearly done with Cryptonomicon!

    We don’t get drive-by book reviews here in Manila, do we? 😦

    • moongirl says:

      No, we don’t ;( Or maybe we don’t hang out in the right places?

      I’ve been looking at Stephenson in Barnes and Noble, but the books are just too damn heavy to bring around! 😛

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