Redwood City: One Month Down, Two To Go

Make a wish!

Happy one month in the US to me! Because of my previous post on Typhoon Ondoy, people have either thought that I live permanently in the US, or I’m an OFW. No to both – I’m just here for three months. While some of my first month was spent skedaddling in Seattle and schmoozing in Austin, most of it was spent quietly here in Redwood City, California.

There is not much to do here. Which I don’t mind – being a virtual office worker means I am used to a quiet life at home, only going out when I choose, with the people I choose. For the early part of September, I didn’t explore Redwood City at all – I just ran the dog every day, worked in the mornings and evenings (because of the Manila time difference), and lazed about at home in the afternoons.

Whooooa! The Redwood City Adventurers Art car... made of markers!

It got to the point that my sister, who is my host for this trip, pointedly told me to get out of the house. (After I wash her dishes and do the laundry and babysit – this is what I get!) So recently, I’ve adjusted my routine to be more like Manila: I walk about 15-20 minutes to get to downtown, sit in a coffee shop, work, have lunch, read a book, watch a movie, and then go home. Lucky for me, I met a game writer in Austin who’s just moved to Redwood City, so we have been exploring as well. (I’m looking at you, Jason!) There are coffee shops, restaurants, and a cinema, and the occasional salsa festival, but we quickly discovered there really is not much to do here 😉

Game Demo Night Near EA Duy!

Also, to get out of the house, I attended the IGDA Silicon Valley Game Demo Night last week – very inspiring, considering they started with a team of seven three years ago, and now they’re a good size with a good turnout. I also visited my friend Duy in Electronic Arts, and he gave me a tour of their campus on Redwood Shores. (Because of this trip to EA, I quickly learned that bus schedules in the Bay Area are purely theoretical.)

I LOVE that I can work from anywhere, and do anything, while being in another country. While Redwood City is not exactly exciting, it’s sort of home for me now, and I’ve comfortably settled in.

My Redwood City photos are here. Next on the adventure: LA!


6 thoughts on “Redwood City: One Month Down, Two To Go

  1. That is indeed something really awesome.

    The great thing about having the virtual office kind of lifestyle is you may be able to find more awesome ideas by going out instead of being stuck in a workstation for 8 hours with only the internet as the source of guide…or the guy next to you.

    • moongirl says:

      Agree. My dad taught me that to be a writer you need to go out into the world and experience it – I was always afraid to do it. Hey, if you end up writing, I hope you get to see the world as well 🙂

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