SoCal: First week

Let it never again be said that I don’t get out of the house!

In my first week here in Southern California, I did the following:

Random Ninjas Me and Annette benefit Makeup Makeover

  • Watched my friend and uber-rock star Annette’s band Random Ninjas rock out in Pasadena. I’m unbiased about my friends’ bands, so when I say that they are awesome, they seriously are awesome.
  • Had a Benefit makeup makeover thanks to my crazy cousin, who refuses to be named
  • Bought a shitload of makeup because of it πŸ™‚
  • Met up with Annette again to watch Inglorious Basterds. I loved it! It’s a bingo!
  • Took the subway and Amtrak to Irvine. First time on a train (not counting the one I took in London when I was five years old). I was very promdi* and thought the train was super fun

Train Station 1 Do not underestimate the smiling Sith. Universal City Walk

  • Toured Obsidian Entertainment, one of my favorite game studios ever
  • Had lunch with Jim from Obsidian, who is now one of my favorite people ever
  • Went to my first Beer Wednesday, organized by Jim and attended by a bunch of inebriated game developers and students. Mostly hung out w/ the students, but they’re sweethearts, and damn smart for their age
  • Crashed at another cousin’s place in Irvine. Yes, I have a lot of cousins.
  • Took the Amtrak and subway back to LA
  • Rode a golf cart around the Universal Studios backlot, with my crazy cousin driving. Scary shit. They should have seatbelts on those things.
  • Worked out of three virtual offices: Corner Bakery in Woodland Hills, CBTL in Irvine, and Jillian’s in Universal City
  • Am now in Upland at my aunt’s place, trying not to worry about my game’s beta deadline next week

Just another week in the US, apparently – and next week might be much crazier!

*Provincial; acting like you came from a small town and had never seen the big city


4 thoughts on “SoCal: First week

  1. moongirl says:

    PS3Fanboy: Hey, it took me forever to get started! πŸ˜‰

    Quinnzap: I don’t think I’ll be joining this year ;( And writing an auto-biographical novel is… dangerous. Hahaha

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