Why women wear high heels

I don’t wear heels. Never did, save for the occasional wedding. I keep walking / driving / running around with a 7kg bag on my back, so I’m always in sneakers and flats.

So when my flip-flops decided to break while I was in the mall, I had a choice – save the shoe or buy new ones? I still had errands, so I couldn’t go home.

I superglued it first. I hobbled to True Value, bought Mighty Bond, and glued my right sandal together into a wearable fashion. It lasted me a good hour, though I walked slightly funny; I went shopping as usual, buying houseware like mops and dusters and storage caddies.

On a whim, I entered Charles and Keith and looked at their wedges. I heard wedges are good training wheels for non-heel people. One pair looked fantastic; the wedge was very thin, which defeats the purpose of balance, but I liked it, and bought it anyway.

It was during my second visit to True Value (to buy cleaning liquid) that my OTHER flip-flop broke. I hobbled this time to the Customer Service section, carrying my mop and other junk with me, and asked if I could hang out there and switch shoes.

Ma’am, i-Mighty Bond niyo na lang kaya yan*,” the salesgirl suggested.

I stuck it out and wore my wedges. They’re nice; I do like them, even if I’m still wobbly. Getting to the car was a problem – I was carrying three plastic bags of oddly-shaped stuff, plus the downhill trek on cobblestone tile (which, if you have read “How To Walk In High Heels“, is the kiss of death. The book advises first-timers to avoid it altogether). When I got to the car, DRIVING in heels was a very weird feeling. I couldn’t feel the pedals at all, and gauged my car’s performance without any muscle memory.

Sigh, the lengths a girl will go to so a guy doesn’t have to bend down to kiss her.

*Translation: “Ma’am, why don’t you just use Mighty Bond?”

Bonus: I was singing this as I was hobbling to the car: “I’ll be the platform shoes and undo what heredity’s done to you – you won’t have to strain to look into my eyes…”


6 thoughts on “Why women wear high heels

  1. PS3Fanboy says:

    I think the main reason why stilettos look sexy on women its because you’re forced to contract your calves your butt and your quads at the same time while walking. Giving those parts accent.

  2. tinaytinapay says:

    i saw you wear a pair of stilettos with matching jean skirt when we met at school. remember, sa miguel? for a moment i was made to believe that you were seducing me… but alas! reality kicked in. hahaha!

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