Our game is out!

(My dad has complained that I haven’t updated my blog in months. There’s much to write, but first, this announcement.)

About a year ago, my boss asked me to write a pitch for a “fantasy adventure game”, giving me free rein* over the content as long as it had magic in it. I built upon the idea that the main character was a girl without magic, born into a world where every person and creature could wield it. We built a one-level demo, shopped it around, found a publisher, and a year later it’s now launched on Big Fish Games.

The game has changed a lot since its original conception, but the team is generally happy with how it turned out. It’s my first full game at Boomzap, and also my  first time to design, write, and produce a game from start to finish, so this is kind of monumental for me. And while I still think of it as our “little adventure game”, now that it’s out for the whole world to see, I’m pretty much terrified beyond belief! Thankfully, most of the user feedback have been positive, ranging from, “I really love this game!” to, “It’s all right, but I won’t buy it”, which is just fine, if you ask me.

Here it is: Awakening: The Dreamless Castle. I hope you like it. Happy hearts day!

P.S. I had to look up the spelling of the phrase “free rein” over “free reign”, and found this article, which English nerds like Paul Catiang will eye with pleasure.


13 thoughts on “Our game is out!

  1. Kim Sellentin says:

    The good ‘ole Google search. I’ve been ninja-reading many a blog lately in my spare time to sponge knowledge, you know, the way Producer’s do. GDC is a no-go for me, unfortunately. I’m too busy at work but I’ll almost definately see you at the IGDA Leadership Forum again this year for some Rock Band action. And hopefully there’ll be more drinking than last year! 😉

    • moongirl says:

      Ninja-reading! I like that phrase. I’m not sure if I’ll be at the Forum, but if ever I do go, let’s drink some more! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Luna!

    Re: the postscript, it’s a sticking point with me that most RPG book writers (*coughWhite Wolfcough*) have forgotten equestrian idioms and their proper spelling. Thank you! 😀

  3. I work for Anino Games as one of their new producers and I found your blog… You are such an awesome, inspiring person. I’m currently working on an original IP with BFG and well…I was getting depressed about a certain stage in the process. Haha! Reading this just sort of alleviates the down-in-the-dumps feeling. Thank you. 🙂

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