I’m stuck in Honolulu, overnight, courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines. I missed my connecting flight to San Francisco this afternoon because my flight from Manila was three hours delayed. I never thought I’d be in Hawaii for any reason, but here I am – and while my friends are urging me to go to the beach, I’m camped out in my hotel room instead, completely exhausted 😉 (Plus, come on, I grew up in the Philippines. Have you seen our beaches?)

February was a crazy month – since our game‘s hit #1, I’ve been busy working on our next game, plus attending three weddings (for one of which, I did a surprise dance number), plus doing random errands to prepare for this US trip. I’ve had absolutely no lazy weekend to myself, so having peace and quiet inside this hotel room is just _great_. Finally, I might even be able to play Mass Effect 2!

However, I really do want to be in San Francisco, to see my family and friends and attend GDC. People ask me why I’m back so soon after being here for three months late last year, and  I keep giving a different answer each time 😉 But if you know me at all, you know that I tend to just GO for things. So here I am. Going.

Now, if only I could stay awake…


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