The story so far

I’ve been in the US for 13 days, and so far, I…

  • Toured Google with Gabby
  • Was kicked out of a bar in San Francisco for drinking without my passport (as in, forcibly removed – in front of my GDC Austin friends – at 10:30 pm)
  • Returned to the same bar, found the same bartender, and smiled sweetly as I waved my passport in front of him
  • Saw our game in a presentation at GDC, done by our competitor
  • Spent GDC in meetings, meetings, meetings (and did not spend for a single meal)
  • Watched my first St. Patrick’s Day parade
  • Sampled a different world cuisine each night, with the family
  • Babysat
  • Started running the dog again
  • Got into a relationship

Yeaaaaaaah. Busy.

PS “The Story So Far” refers to an excellent song by outerhope, who were featured today on Pulse. Read and support!


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