My 15 minutes of fame on Gamasutra

After I spoke about prototyping at the IGDA Leadership Forum, Gamasutra (who covered it) asked if I wanted to do a full-length feature on the topic. I’m terrible at writing non-fiction, but what game developer doesn’t want to be on Gamasutra? I immediately said yes.

It took me four months.

It was terrible – I kept writing and rewriting myself, then putting it off to finish our game, then putting it off again to start a new game, and every time I looked at what I’d written, I’d rewrite it again. It was going nowhere so fast that my boss and Gabby had to sit me down at GDC and say, “Luna, please take a day off from your work duties to finish the damn thing.”

And that’s exactly what I did. I went to Peet’s in Redwood City, downed a couple drinks (good enough for a few hours of WiFi), and finished the damn thing. I sent it to Gamasutra a few days later.

And now, HERE IT IS! Bwahahahaha!

Quick and Dirty Prototyping: A Success Story

I guess for most writers, this wouldn’t be a big deal – I mean, it’s not a novel or anything. But I think it’s good for our little studio, and is kind of cool for me, too. There is not much excitement here in Redwood City, so consider me excited. (It even has its own news blurb, plus a cute little banner of our goblin on the front page.)

Okay, that’s enough celebration. Back to work!


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