My Casual Connect talk is online

Almost an official photo

It’s been a month since Casual Connect and I never got around to writing a proper post about it. The short version would be:

  • It was awesome
  • I finally found a conference where everything was relevant to what I was doing
  • I got to meet the people behind my favorite games: Princess Isabella, Dream Chronicles, Ranch Rush, Tiger Eye, Coconut Queen…
  • I embarrassed myself in front of Amaranth Games (fangirl!)
  • I got to meet the Big Fish Babes and other BFG users, who’d actually played our games!
  • I bowled for the first time (I was terrible)
  • The guys from GameInvest introduced me to caipirinha, which is now one of my favorite drinks
  • I also stayed in the most beautiful Seattle B&B ever

My talk on writing casual adventures went all right – I’d expected an empty room because it was held on the last afternoon of the last day, but many people came! (Not the least of which were the entire Big Fish crew and all the convention friends I’d made, sitting and whooping from the back row.)

There’s a full video of the talk online (gasp!). Watch me talk fast in all my nervous glory:

And I’ve uploaded the slides on Slideshare here.

Two people I don’t know blogged about my talk – one happily, the other not-so-happily 😉

I’m definitely going next year, circumstances-permitting. I had such a great time. Thanks, Casual Connect!

2 thoughts on “My Casual Connect talk is online

  1. Renz says:

    Caipirinha is the Brazilian Daiquiri. 😀 Don’t drink too much though; the hangover will kill you due to the cheap liquor content :P.

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