All systems go for the 2011 Manila Game Jam

Some of us at IGDA Manila are running this year’s Manila Game Jam, again! You think we’d have learned from last time 😉 I vaguely remember last year’s struggle to get things going, and it’s crazier this year, because we have no real organizational support — just a bunch of crazy volunteers.

There is something to be said, though, for gathering game developers under one roof and forcing them to make a game in 48 hours.  The adrenalin and stress combine to form what could be the best indie games made in this country.

For those interested in joining the Game Jam, here’s what we’ve lined up for you:

  • Tomorrow, January 22, Saturday, we’re holding a half-day Game Jam Seminar at UP ITTC. Leading game programmers, designers, and artists are giving a crash course on how to make games. We start at 12:30, and admission is free. (We have about 80 people confirmed to attend already — dear Lord. I still remember when our IGDA meetings had the same six people, every month.)
  • Next weekend, January 28-30, is the Global Game Jam itself, also at UP ITTC. We’re joining almost 200 other different game jam locations in the world. A theme will be announced on Friday night,  upon which our 50 participants will go into hiding, and come out 48 hours later with a finished game. Teams present their games at 5pm on Sunday.

Please allow me to thank our partners: GDAP and UP ITTC; and our sponsors: Anino Games, Boomzap Entertainment, Secret 6, and Proudcloud. More sponsors are listed at our website. I am very thankful they believe in IGDA Manila enough to sponsor us. Thank you! ❤

For more info, visit .


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