2010 recap

All made up

It is starting to get quite embarrassing that I don’t blog anymore. Blame it not on lack of content, but a change in priorities (brain: if I have free time to blog, then I should go do x and y and z instead!).

However, I must keep traditions alive. At the end of every year, I write a recap of the things I want to remember (made more useful since I have a really short memory!). So here, in 20 bullets, was my 2010:

  1. Launched two #1 games for Boomzap
  2. Got published on Gamasutra
  3. Spoke at Casual Connect Seattle and the Philippine Game Development Festival
  4. Met the Big Fish Babes!
  5. Helped organize the first Manila Game Jam
  6. Lived in the U.S. for five months, and got terribly homesick. But I learned much
  7. Watched Hot Chip and The XX live
  8. Met Adam Baldwin (the hero of Canton)
  9. Went back to yoga class in the U.S., and then signed up for streaming classes so I could continue practicing at home
  10. Went to Bali for the first time
  11. Tried balut (but not the fetus) in Manila and luwak coffee (aka “poo coffee”) in Bali
  12. Returned to El Nido, my favorite place in the world
  13. Swam with giant jackfish
  14. Sprained my foot by tripping on it. My first sprain ever 😐
  15. A week later, climbed to Mt. Pinatubo’s crater — a slippery, uneven 8km hike. I sprained my foot again. Not the smartest decision of my life. (Three months later and I still have tendinitis)
  16. Dressed up as Abby Sciuto and X-23 for Halloween
  17. Went to a beach wedding, a fancy New York wedding, a Beatles-themed LA wedding, and a Star Wars wedding. I also did a surprise dance number to a She & Him song, and emceed a reception for the first time. It was the year for weddings!
  18. Learned how to cook, finally (bucket list check!). I cook every day now. Not that it’s any GOOD, but…
  19. Got an iPod Touch and an iPad; they have changed my life (namely making me lazy to get out of bed)
  20. Most importantly, I fell in love — and stayed there ❤

It’s the first time I’ve wanted to write more than 20 bullets, so I guess I must be doing A Lot Of Things. Hopefully, 2011 is slower and more stable. A Busy Backson life is terribly overrated 😛

See my recaps for 2008 and 2009.


3 thoughts on “2010 recap

  1. Wow! This was really late in coming!

    Nice to see our Pinatubo trip up in there!

    Anyway, I have a similar list over on my blog. Hope you can check it out!

  2. Wow! Quite a fantastic and big year for you! I still have to write my list down. Haha.

    Yes, the Pinatubo Trip. So sad to hear that your foot still has not healed.

    Number 20 made me smile though.

    Also, I’m jealous since you’ve seen The xx. 😛

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