Oh my, it’s been so long…

Taken by Rocky Sunico

I have no excuse. I’ve mentally written several blog posts in my head (while driving, in the shower, trying to sleep) but I never actually sat down and wrote them. What a lazy ass.

Truth be told, I’m not having the best year. January was a stressfest: organizing the game jam, teaching part-time, and working full speed ahead. It all caught up to me; I found myself terribly sick in February. I had tonsilitis, tendinitis, amoebiasis, and (surprise!) cough-variant asthma. I barely left the house, except to teach, and I tried desperately to get better.

March came around and I worked doubly hard to earn a week off, as my boyfriend was in town. I want to write about that separately and tell you about all the amazing food we ate — but suffice it to say the staycation didn’t go as planned, and I was more worried than relaxed all week. Then, too soon, he went back to the States. And then my dad got very sick and was confined in the hospital (you can read about it in his own words, here and here) and it was… Well, it was hard.*

April started to get better. As class was wrapping up and my number of doctor’s appointments dwindled, you’d think I’d finally get some rest — but instead, I signed up for Nihongo class, because I am crazy like that 😀 The good news is, I’m on the mend. I finally started going out and seeing my friends again. I watched The Radio Dept. And I’ve been carving time out for myself, instead of filling up every spare minute with work. I think I lost myself, somewhere along the blur of 2011. Time to slow down. Life is good slow.

Coming up: How I toured the boyfriend around Manila, and what I learned from teaching interactive narrative.

*By the way, my dad was able to publish those two newspaper articles while being hospitalized — one of which he memorized in his head while in the ICU, because he wasn’t allowed to write. I really have no excuse for not writing. What a lazy ass.


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