Taipei (aka Blogging on the Road! Oooooh.)


I am in a back corner of the Taoyuan International Airport, doing yoga stretches. Nobody here is minding me. Actually, there are very few people here.

The airport is full of stores. I have two hours left, but there is not much else to see. I’ve already sat for an hour in a little cafe named Iris (I chose it purely because i have an amazing coworker named Iris). ‘What is your specialty?’ I asked the girl behind the counter, and she pointed at the club sandwich. It was good, but it’s, you know, not Taiwanese. I did have bubble milk tea, which made me feel less like a sellout.

Most people here talk to me in Chinese by default, even the flight attendants on China Airlines. Do I look Chinese, or is it really only the Philippines that defaults to English?

Up ahead: a 12-hour flight to San Francisco. China Airlines has been all right so far. The attendants aren’t the friendliest in the world, but the in-flight entertainment makes up for it. (Your own TV with a gazillion movies, including all the fun stuff I’d only see on a plane: Red Riding Hood, 27 Dresses, and their current headliner, Beastly!)

/end stream of consciousness. I rarely blog now, but maybe with this WordPress App thingamajig, I will blog more.


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