I got hacked today.

Someone bought a bunch of items with my Paypal account in the span of 30 minutes – Nike shoes, a guitar, a Swiss watch, a PS3 game, and a mobile phone.

That someone also left his name and shipping address, because the items needed a place to ship to. I looked up his name – he’s on Facebook. With public photos. I mean, he’s not hard to find.

I was going to write an angry post about him and expose him, but honestly, if he really did do it, I would just piss him off. (And if he didn’t do it, and I embarrassed him, I’d still piss him off.)

I read somewhere that when you meet an asshole driver on the road, instead of cursing him, you should roll down your window, smile, and yell, “Somebody needs a hug!”

So, to Mr. 9.5 Nikes who likes Marvel vs. Capcom and lives in Project 6:


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