Hotel Vicente, Davao City

Hotel Vicente - The facade

The Calma side of our family (my mom and her nine siblings) have opened a boutique hotel in Davao City, Philippines. It’s called Hotel Vicente, named after their father (my grandfather), and is built on the land where their old house once stood.

Hotel Vicente - Lobby

It feels more like a house than a hotel; it’s cozy and comfortable, and very Filipino-Spanish. At first glance, everything might look shiny and new, but for my mom, aunts, and uncles, it really does feel like home. That’s because parts of their old house were saved and incorporated into the furnishings of the hotel. Doors, banisters, wooden beams, even a sitting rock that my grandfather used to sit on — they were lovingly planned and refurbished into Hotel Vicente’s decor.

Hotel Vicente - Old doors Hotel Vicente - Stairs Hotel Vicente - Old door

(All of these were from the old house!)

Unfortunately, I never met my grandfather. He passed away before I was born, and I have no memories of him or the house the way my older cousins do. This hotel is the closest that I have to my family’s history, and it was amazing to walk around the hotel as my aunts and uncles pointed out things and reminisced about their childhood. “This is where the girls slept — this used to be the kitchen — this is where the boys would fight,” etc.

Hotel Vicente also has its own restaurant and bar called Cristobal, named after my grandmother, who is turning 94 years old and now resides in Davao. Before she moved, I would see her during the holidays, where she would beam with pride if asked how she raised her 10 children in the province. She and my grandfather somehow managed to put all 10 children through college and into very distinct, successful careers – dentist, doctor, engineers, executives, entrepreneurs, I.T…. All of these careers eventually culminated in a hotel that was designed, built, decorated, and managed by the 10 Calma siblings. How 10 siblings can all get along is beyond me, let alone build a hotel together! When I walked around Hotel Vicente, I couldn’t help but feel immensely proud of what they had achieved.

Hotel Vicente - Room Hotel Vicente - Room

Hotel Vicente is along F. Torres Street in Davao City, Philippines. We’ve already had some guests stay with us and we’d love for more people to come and tell us what they think. To book, you can call Hotel Vicente at +63-82-295-7053 or +63-82-295-7393 or e-mail them at hotelvicentedavao [at] gmail [dot] com. If you have questions, you can ask them here and I’ll pass them along. I hope more people can come and see it; hopefully, you’ll feel the warm, familial love that serves as the foundation of our hotel. Thanks!

Early reviews of Hotel Vicente:

Hotel VIcente Room RatesRoom rates

Hotel Vicente
Florentino Torres Street, Davao City 8000, Philippines
Phone: +(63 82) 295-7053; 295- 7393; Fax: +(63 82) 295- 7383


12 thoughts on “Hotel Vicente, Davao City

  1. I’ve seen the hotel from outside. In the evenings when well lit, the lobby looks tasteful and exquisite at the same time. Ample parking space. Should be worth a try for those from out of town.

  2. Reil says:

    I will call the hotel on Monday because I have 10 guests to book…I hope their will be available rooms pa 0_0

  3. J Luis Y Buktaw says:

    Hello, re parking, how many cars will your parking accommodate? do you have any promo rates for the mid-aug, 2012 period?

    • moongirl says:


      There are six parking slots in front of the hotel, and there’s also a parking lot across the street that will accommodate more cars. Unfortunately, there aren’t any promos in August. Thanks for passing by!

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  5. ronnie yu says:

    Hi im ronnie yu from ishrm davao a student
    i just wanna ask if you’re accepting an ojt un your hotel because i already submitted my resume, endorsement and moa 2 weeks ago since the general.manager ia.not yet there to confirm.i hope i can be part of your hotel as ojt.
    Thank you very much
    God bless

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