This is my lola. We called her Nanay*. She raised 10 wonderful, smart, successful children, including my amazing mother. Her 10 children came together and built a hotel in Davao on the spot where she raised them. They named the hotel and its restaurant after her and her husband.

Nanay made the best dinuguan and my uncle had a restaurant in Boni that made it its specialty.

I was named after her (my second name). She was always nice to me. She only frowned at me if I wore something revealing, or if I brought a boyfriend to meet her. She was probably right on all counts.

Nanay was 88 when I took this picture. She would have been 94 this month.

Nanay passed away last Wednesday, December 5, 2012.

*Lola is Filipino for grandmother. Nanay is Filipino for mother


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