2013 recap (where’d the year go?)

This is what I did for most of 2013:

This year went by in a blur, and I ran as fast as I could to keep up. This blog post is an excellent example: I have 15 minutes to get ready for our New Year’s Eve dinner, but instead I’m frantically finishing this last-minute! I am looking forward to a quieter, more purposeful 2014 🙂

Like every end-of-year post, I’m limiting my list to 20 bullets. Here was my 2013:

  1. Touched a dolphin (bucket list check!)
  2. Passed my Practitioner Level 2 exam in krav maga
  3. Attended four IKMF seminars: taxi seminar, home invasion, third party protection, and knife and gun techniques
  4. Demo’ed krav maga at the July gun show (video!) and on TV for UNTV’s Good Morning Kuya and UNTV Sports
  5. Taught one krav maga class as session leader (still can’t believe it!)
  6. Survived Outbreak Missions and ran through needlessly aggressive zombies
  7. Sorta kinda learned how to cook eggs benedict (bucket list check!)
  8. Volunteered for typhoon Haiyan by compiling global donation links, and setting up Central Dispatch and Operation Santa‘s online operations
  9. Judged at the Manila Game Jam
  10. Went to Cebu for the first time, and danced “Gangnam Style” with the Cebu inmates
  11. Hit the beaches in Davao, Batangas, and Subic
  12. Went on a Scandinavian cruise, travel hacking most of the way
  13. While on the cruise, I drank medieval beer in Tallinn, got hailed on in Aarhus, fell in love with Helsinki, walked 5K for cancer in the biting cold, and did a krav maga pose in seven countries (I am insane)
  14. Watched Stars in Manila and Metric in Hong Kong. Also saw Fourtet, The 1975, Gold Panda, and more at Clockenflap. And danced at a silent disco!
  15. Slowly starting to front roll better (slowly but surely!)
  16. Bought a new laptop – a sleek, shiny Ultrabook. Named him Kovacs
  17. Said goodbye to my uncle, who passed away just days after we left Davao
  18. Said goodbye to our family home in Alabang of 11 years. Threw out, sold, or donated most of my stuff
  19. Made new friends and cherished old ones. Hugs!
  20. Became single again

Happy 2014, everyone! May the Universe give you what you seek 🙂

My list for 2012 is here.

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