Gaining Altitude

Altitude Games

After some radio silence, I’m excited to announce that I am now Creative Director and Co-Founder at Altitude Games.

People who know me know that I was never the entrepreneurial type, but when Altitude started to form, I couldn’t say no. It had pretty much everyone I wanted to work with: Gabby as our CEO, who lives and breathes the startup business life; Marc as engineering director, who was actually the first game programmer I’d ever worked with; Paul as tech director, who’s one of the rock stars of local game development; and Chester as art director, one of the most famous (El)Pinoy illustrators around. They’re the best at what they do; it was my personal dream team.

I’m excited as I am terrified. We’ll be making games I’ve never made before, with tech I’ve never used. Already, I feel like I’m scrambling to catch up. (I am told that this is normal; welcome to the startup life!) While we can’t say what we’re working on yet, you can follow us at these places so you’ll be the first to know:

Starting a new company is a leap of faith for me, but I’m jumping with the best. I’m super lucky to be here and I hope I don’t let them down!


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