For sale: Shoes and CDs

I am cleaning out the old to make space for the new. I love all of these, so I’m putting them up for sale just in case someone else wants them. Cheers!

SHOES (I am a 7.5)

Converse pink w/ floral pattern – P400
For sale: Converse pink w/ floral pattern

H&M black robot hi-top sneakers – P300 – Reserved for Anj
For sale: Black H&M hi-tops

Converse Chuck Taylor slip multi-eyelet (white/blue) – P300
For sale: Converse white w/ eyelet
P.S. These run big, so they might be good for size 8, or you can wear thick socks. Also, I had them washed and the blue ran through a bit 😦

Original CDs

Foreign – all P50, even the double-disc ones

Local – I’m actually just giving these away. I can’t make money off local bands.

  • Cynthia Alexander – Rippingyarns  – Reserved for Rej
  • Imago – Probably Not, but Most Definitely – Reserved for Ms. San Juan
  • Pedicab – Tugish Takish  – Reserved for Victor
  • Itchyworms – Noon Time Show
  • Sandwich – Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull  – Reserved for Ms. San Juan
  • Sandwich – 4-Track Mind  – Reserved for Ms. San Juan
  • Urbandub – Influence  – Reserved for Victor
  • Urbandub – Birth  – Reserved for Victor

Please e-mail me directly if you want something (deathcabcutie at gmail). I’m usually in either Makati or Alabang. Thanks! 🙂


Why women wear high heels

I don’t wear heels. Never did, save for the occasional wedding. I keep walking / driving / running around with a 7kg bag on my back, so I’m always in sneakers and flats.

So when my flip-flops decided to break while I was in the mall, I had a choice – save the shoe or buy new ones? I still had errands, so I couldn’t go home.

I superglued it first. I hobbled to True Value, bought Mighty Bond, and glued my right sandal together into a wearable fashion. It lasted me a good hour, though I walked slightly funny; I went shopping as usual, buying houseware like mops and dusters and storage caddies.

On a whim, I entered Charles and Keith and looked at their wedges. I heard wedges are good training wheels for non-heel people. One pair looked fantastic; the wedge was very thin, which defeats the purpose of balance, but I liked it, and bought it anyway.

It was during my second visit to True Value (to buy cleaning liquid) that my OTHER flip-flop broke. I hobbled this time to the Customer Service section, carrying my mop and other junk with me, and asked if I could hang out there and switch shoes.

Ma’am, i-Mighty Bond niyo na lang kaya yan*,” the salesgirl suggested.

I stuck it out and wore my wedges. They’re nice; I do like them, even if I’m still wobbly. Getting to the car was a problem – I was carrying three plastic bags of oddly-shaped stuff, plus the downhill trek on cobblestone tile (which, if you have read “How To Walk In High Heels“, is the kiss of death. The book advises first-timers to avoid it altogether). When I got to the car, DRIVING in heels was a very weird feeling. I couldn’t feel the pedals at all, and gauged my car’s performance without any muscle memory.

Sigh, the lengths a girl will go to so a guy doesn’t have to bend down to kiss her.

*Translation: “Ma’am, why don’t you just use Mighty Bond?”

Bonus: I was singing this as I was hobbling to the car: “I’ll be the platform shoes and undo what heredity’s done to you – you won’t have to strain to look into my eyes…”

My Halloween Costumes

Last Halloween, I had fun with two separate costumes for two events. I’m not a cosplayer and probably never will be, so both these costumes were simple but fun (for me, at least!).

Costume # 1: Japanese Schoolgirl

My generic Japanese schoolgirl costume Japan!

This was put together with advice from my friends – apparently, there is a whole “genre” of Japanese schoolgirl-dom, and I went with the “more leg is good” one. I wore this to the Ang Bandang Shirley album launch at Cubao X, where I was met with several other schoolgirls, though of the Gossip Girl variety.

    • White top from Mossimo
    • Schoolgirl skirt from MNG
    • Wedges from Methilation. They were too big, but I had no time to swap the size, so I stuffed them with cork instead. (Ouch!)
    • Jewelry from Herbench and Girl Shop
    • And I wore sage eyeshadow and my everyday pink lip gloss, plus I had my hair ironed 🙂
  • Costume # 2: Bona Barista

    I'm a (fake) barista! The Barista

    I loooved this costume! I wore this to Bona Fright Night at the Westgate branch of Bona Coffee. I got the official logo from Miren, who works with their marketing department. I made the service crew at Bona laugh and joke all night about starting my “shift”. But sadly, I didn’t win Best Costume 😦

    • Bona cap and nameplate made by Made 4 U in Glorietta 4
    • Black shirt from Bona Coffee (it’s a Kids shirt, but it had the barista logos down pat)
    • Khaki pants from Herbench
    • Sneakers from Rocket Dog
    • Watch was scored at Bugis Street Market in Singapore for SG$5!

    Going green

    A few months ago I ordered a reusable bag from Biome Living, an Australian eco-friendly store. The reusable shopping bag folds up neatly into a pouch, and is meant to replace shopping bags like paper or plastic. I meant it to be a travel bag in Singapore, and it was incredibly useful – I could stash all my shopping loot in the bag and wear it, as opposed to commuting with so many bags hanging from my hands.

    When I got back to the Philippines, I tried it in the neighborhood mall – I went shopping, and instead of receiving all my purchases in plastic bags, I asked the salesladies to give me the products (unwrapped) straight into my reusable bag. All of them obliged; many of them were surprised; but one of them said, “Good for you ma’am, you’re helping the environment.”

    Which got me to thinking about purchasing these:

    Reusable Bags

    I saw them on Amazon. They’re a different brand, but they come in packs of three. I asked my mom if she’d be willing to use these instead of plastic bags when she went to the grocery, and she agreed. The catch is that you can’t choose multiple colors for a pack, and I like colors. So I was thinking.

    If I ordered a bunch of these, in different colors, and sold the extra ones at P400 each, would anyone buy them? Would you? Would you be willing to go green with me? I’m not the type to buy and sell, but if I ever wanted to sell something to others, it would be something like this. (There are more colors here, if you’d like more choices.)

    What I did for my 26th birthday

    • Renewed my driver’s license
    • Went to Bona Westgate, and was treated to a free Turkey Jack lunch by assistant supervisor Joseph
    • Received multitudes of greetings online, including “Happy Birthday Pony” YM status messages from my Anino kids, an El Bimbo video from Paul, and a musical Tribute Page from Joon
    • Was forced to take the afternoon off when my boss told me: “Why are you still working on your birthday? Go play.”
    • Had a haircut
    • Bought makeup, jeans, and bangles. Maybe this inexplicable urge to prettify comes with age.
    • Ran into a Starbucks barista who recognized me and asked me to come by. *sniff sniff… but I’ve broken up with Starbucks, long ago*
    • Ran into a former student, who was in the mall for the Boys Like Girls concert (I caught some of it)
    • Was treated to a free Raizon’s Halo-Halo by former bandmate Owel
    • Had dinner with my parents at Sophia’s, a Mediterranean restaurant in Westgate whose chef has cooked for the Beatles, Jackie O, Princess Di, and Pavarotti. Needless to say, the food was fantastic!
    • And now, I work a bit, because deadlines wait for no one.

    If this is what the rest of my 26th year will look like, I’m all for it 🙂