I’m not a comic geek, so last weekend’s Wondercon would’ve otherwise been wasted on me if I hadn’t run into the hero of Canton himself:

Adam Baldwin (the hero of Canton)

That’s Adam Baldwin of a gazillion shows, but I love him most for Firefly.

And if you don’t know who the hero of Canton is, well, best you be educatin’:

I also stopped by the California Browncoats booth and bought myself a Blue Sun babydoll shirt:

Looks like it’s that time of the year again – time to rewatch Firefly!



Me: “Did you guys ever watch Star Trek: The Next Generation?
Popo: “No.”
JV: “Geek!”
Me: “I am not a geek! Anyway, do you guys know who Wil Wheaton is? He’s on Twitter.”
JV: “Geek!”
Me: “Come on. Tony, you know who Wil Wheaton is, right?”
Tony: “No, I don’t. Trekkie!”
Me: “I am not a Trekkie!”
JV: “I bet [name of gross guy I get teased to sometimes] is a Trekkie.”
Popo: “He looks like a Klingon.”
Me: “Actually, he looks more like a Ferengi. You know, the ones with big ears?”
Popo: “What?”

Call of Duty 2

You know you’re addicted to Call of Duty 2 when you close your eyes at night and see red Nazi flags and little helmets in the distance.

I’ve never been a first-person shooter fan (I did not grow up playing Counter-Strike like everybody else),¬†and subsequently have never learned to aim. But the times that I did play were in World War II shooters. Years ago, officemates and I were addicted to Day of Defeat. Call of Duty reminds me of DoD except it’s much, much better. The sound engineering is _awesome_. The one-hit kills make the experience realistic, and with fast respawn times it’s not punishment at all. And I’ve always liked having just one gun at the start. It simplifies things. (I am notorious for being fragged in CS while standing stupidly at the base trying to figure out which gun and equipment to buy. I take shopping very seriously!)

I think it also helps that I was a big Band of Brothers fan. There was something about the ensemble-based underdog story that got me. It’s weird as I’m not a fan of any other war movie or TV show, just that one. So while playing Call of Duty I recognize some of the maps (the village of Carentan, the trenches of Brecourt) and remember how the 101st Airborne fought bravely in those battles.

But as much as World War II excites me, it still has not improved my aim. Hahaha!

(By the way, does anyone have a copy of the German soundbites in CoD2? I can’t seem to find them on the Net.)

Way Out West

I listen to music constantly – more than just background noise, it sets my mood. My choice of music can be crucial when I’m driving, or swamped with work (as is my current state).

But what I love about music is its ability to make me stop everything I’m doing, sit up, and say, “Shit. That’s amazing.”

Today, I’m trying to get through an impossibly long list of equally urgent tasks, when I suddenly sat up. I’m playing the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack for Season 2, and the song that made me stop everything I’m doing is “Don’t Forget Me” by Way Out West.

My first reaction was, “Holy shit, that’s beautiful. That’s perfect.” My second reaction was, “Who the hell is Way Out West?” (The answer: A progressive house duo from England. I enjoy so much music from the UK that I wonder why I’m not there.)

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