Never underestimate the power of a great story.

Just a quick break from my travel posts to share this fantastic French commercial, which I heard about from the IGDA Writers SIG:



IGDA Kucha (and my ridiculously fast presentation)

We (the IGDA Manila board) had our first IGDA Kucha night yesterday. We followed the pecha kucha format: a super-fast Powerpoint presentation, with 20 slides timed for 20 seconds each. None of us had done it before, and we got about 30+ game developers in a room on a Saturday night listening to us rush through slides.

More accurately, _I_ rushed through slides – my talk was exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds, and I was out of breath most of the time. I was terribly not used to the speed!

Here’s the direct link to my huffing and puffing video: “Working from home: the honest truth”. You can view the slideshow online, and watch the rest of IGDA Manila’s videos here.

UPDATE: SlideShare sent me an e-mail saying their editorial team picked my presentation to feature on their homepage today, among others. Awesome! Thanks, SlideShare!

“Luna” in French

Apparently, Luna in French is pronounced as “Lina”.

I got this in my Stereogum feed today:

And a quote from the feature:

[Malajube] returns with this video for the relatively catchy and not particularly labyrinthe “Luna,” a swinging, piano-driven pop tune in which one of the lyrics is definitely “Luna.” It features a despondent, high-diving heroine whose fantasies of synchronized swimming are rudely interrupted by a lifeguard doing his job. Bastard.

Strangely, she sounds like me ;D

Video Games and the Female Audience

Saw this on Sexy Videogameland, and the video is absolutely true. I don’t discuss games with my female friends, at all. While some of them do play casual games, we don’t sit around and discuss farm sim strategies. But I have, on numerous occasions, borrowed consoles / swapped games / argued over Call of Duty tactics with my male friends, all of whom are hardcore gamers.

It’s a wonder girls want to hang out with me at all. Hmm, come to think of it, that’s probably why they don’t.

In other news, it’s exactly two months before I fly off – I am unprepared. Don’t panic. Press big button.

Kids these days

Dad came home yesterday with this story from his Speculative Fiction class (lit majors, in their junior year).

A student was in front, assigned to report about the film The Matrix.

Reporter (asking class): “How many of you have seen The Matrix?

(Two students in class raise their hands.)

Reporter: “How old were you when you saw it?”

Two students: “9 years old.”

Reporter: “Did you understand it?”

Two students: “No.”

Reporter: “Neither did I.”

It is a pity that our future leaders have never seen one of the defining films of my generation. Then again, that’s probably what our parents say about us, too.

(Incidentally, I am a huge fan of The Matrix, and we even made a fan film for it, which I just found online now. There was also cosplaying involved, and some sort of swordfighting, though thankfully there are no records of those.)